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Black people are not trying to BE white people. We do not wanna replace you. Women do not want to be men. We do not wanna step into…male bodies. That’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re not talking about being the absolute same as people. We’re talking about being treated equally—meaning I don’t wanna be a white girl, but I don’t wanna be discriminated against because I’m not a white girl. I don’t wanna be a man, but I don’t wanna be denied a promotion or get paid less because I’m not one. That’s what the fuck we’re saying…

Simply because of who we are, shit is not fair. So all the different ‘isms’ that y’all try to act like you don’t need, or you don’t understand, or you don’t see the point of, or you don’t wanna identify as: it’s all about leveling the motherfucking playing field. Not about making us all the goddamn same…And I don’t understand why y’all act like this is so fucking hard to understand. Is that a crazy concept?


crissle on why ‘equality’ does not mean ‘sameness’, “The Bird Squat” episode of The Read

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I’m gonna go cry now

Let’s not forget our “big booties” as well

LOL!!! “seasoning chicken”…funny




I’m gonna go cry now

Let’s not forget our “big booties” as well

LOL!!! “seasoning chicken”…funny


RosegoldExile wants YOU! *Uncle Sam Point*


Effervescent is still on. I just need real recharging. I’ve had a really weird couple of months (death in the family, image issues, family and friends, SCHOOL ugh) so finding my way back to fanfiction has been incredibly difficult. Especially since I’ve been trying to write my own original fiction…

Girl… I will fill up your inbox in the morning!!! 😍😍😍


So…any bets on whether or not Katrina dies and/or sides with Moloch by the end of the season?


Moloch wants her alive. She’s not going to die, at least by his hands or Henremy’s.

But then that makes me wonder if she finally does something useful and sacrifices herself before Moloch can use her 

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its funny how so many black men openly hated macklemore and no one once said “why are black men so bitter and jealous of macklemore?” but let black women discuss how racist, untalented, and ignorant iggy azalea is and suddenly we’re all bitter black bitches jealous of the poor innocent white girl lmao


thats why you gotta stop expecting anything from these ‘brothers’






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Vincent!Finn got me sprung!!


He’s so fine!!

I kinda like him… but you know he’s been jealous of Klaus from the jump… it’s all so clear now


You know what.

I find it interesting, and by interesting I mean absolutely expected, that the HTGAWM tag is filled with metas and college-level essays dissecting all of the obvious homophobia and biphobia in the latest episode but almost no one is discussing what an absolute sack of shit Connor is for outing Aiden, and that is worrying to me. 

people don’t disclose their sexuality for a variety of reasons - it’s personal, they simply don’t want to, if they are anything but heterosexual it could legally get them fired in certain places, get them kicked out of their homes, disowned, denied benefits or could literally get them killed. And you would think Connor of all people would know that - know that better than anyone in their group. You would think he would understand all of the careful considerations that have to be taken in deciding who you want to out yourself to, who can be trusted, who can’t, etc.

But Connor not only decides to out Aiden for the sole fact that he wants to hurt Michaela, he decides to have fun with outing him. He makes it into this gigantic, disgusting and prolonged spectacle where he does nothing but make sexual euphemisms about Aiden to Michaela and drops hints about their past together. He does this for almost half of the episode - and we’re supposed to think it’s funny! Cause goodness knows Connor thought it was funny! He was having a ball taunting Michaela at their job, at school, in front of their colleagues and did his best to drive her up the wall for literally no reason other than he wanted to emotionally hurt and manipulate her. 

This is beyond fucked up - this is borderline evil, and not only am I appalled at his actions I’m appalled that the show took no steps towards addressing this behavior. 

What if Michaela had broken off her engagement with Aiden? What if she had gone snooping through other things in Aiden’s personal life? What if Aiden’s job found out and he was fired or demoted or one of the million other things that happens to real life people outed in unsafe places? 

What Connor did was not only insensitive it was just plain dangerous and I really need people to understand that. 

Aiden did absolutely nothing wrong by not telling Michaela about his past. Nothing at all, and I’m amazed at all the people who think he should have.

I mean shit - her entire reaction to this situation should show everyone precisely why bisexual people are rightfully terrified of coming out to their partners. Michaela literally threatened to destroy his entire career, take everything he owned and leave him out to dry because she was terrified that he might one day leave her for a man because he had sex once with a guy when he was sixteen. That is an absolutely irrational leap in logic but it is unfortunately not an uncommon leap. Having our partners fear that “one day you’ll realize you’re really gay and leave me” is a daily reality for bisexual people and why many of us feel a need to keep our identities secret. And Connor of all people should KNOW this

That entire subplot was riddled with biphobia and homophobia and I will gladly join anyone in ripping apart the episode’s writers, but if you’re going to rail against the horrible actions of the characters involved in this situation you need to rail against all of them.

That means Michaela and Connor. He does not, I repeat he does not, get off because he’s your resident pretty gay white boy. He needs to get thrown in the fire same as her.

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Grrr Arrgh

Anonymous said: Damon's attitude towards being reprimanded with Elena and Bonnie is fascinating. When Elena told Damon about Bonnie's Grams dying he just smirked and suggested sending lasagna sarcastically. When Bonnie told Damon not to be disrespectful to her dead bf(or friend) he decided to bury him. Can you think of any?


You mean Abby, but yes! Actually, I’ve always wondered how Damon really felt about what went down with Grams, once the Katherine-induced self-loathing spiral subsided.

He obviously knows how important she was to Bonnie, you could hear that in his voice in 5x22 when he was listing their loved ones who were stuck on the Other Side.

But anyway, that’s not what your ask was about, sorry!

Another good example of Damon listening to Bonnie was after he turned Abby, actually. He tried to crack a sarcastic remark about Elijah forcing them to turn Abby and them having no choice, but Bonnie shut that down quick, telling him that “There’s always a choice.” And then later in the episode, he implies to Meredith that the fact that his “choices have been controversial lately” is why he’s being considerate of Ric’s choice to die peacefully rather than quick and relatively painless.

That’s huge, because not only did her words make him understand the truth she was talking about regarding stealing her and Abby’s choices, it even stuck with him to the point where he was applying it to respecting other people’s choices in other situations as well.

A lot of people want to pin this on inherent differences between Bonnie and Elena, that somehow Elena lets things slide or makes excuses where Bonnie would not. And maybe on some level that’s true, but tbh I feel like it’s more complicated than that, and just as much of it is due to Damon’s own framing of his relationships with Bonnie and Elena, respectively.

What I mean is, when Elena confronted him in the police station about not showing compassion for Bonnie’s loss, he automatically connected that to his own insecurities. He has, since nearly the beginning, seen Elena almost as a symbol of his redemption. If Elena sees him as someone worthy of love, then that means he’s not irredeemable. Unfortunately, that means that any time Elena calls him out on stuff, he automatically lashes out. Because he’s not seeing it just as her taking him to task for his action, he’s taking it to mean that she might find him to be an irredeemable monster after all.

When she told him he should show Bonnie more compassion, he made the remark about lasagna. And Elena then told him he was just being mean. And he replied, “I’m mean. You hate me. All is right with the world again.”

It’s petulance. And it shows just how unhealthy the connection between them has been, even at the inception of their romantic relationship. A significant other is not a symbol of redemption, they aren’t a prize to win, they aren’t a reflection of who you are as a person, period. The fact that Damon has so entangled his self worth in Elena’s good opinion… it isn’t sustainable.

Combine this with the fact that Elena post season-4 also formed an unhealthy attachment on Damon, entangling her self-worth and identity as a vampire to him and their love… and you get the word “toxic” being thrown around again and again.

This plays out most obviously in season 5, because Elena is struggling to maintain her sense of identity (and therefore her dependence on their relationship) by making excuses for what he clearly knows is not excusable. So he in turn is shaken, because what if he’s so broken that he can mess up even Elena’s moral compass (which in its symbolized state in his mind should be unalterable), what does that say about him?

It’s so messy… it’s two broken people fumbling in the dark. And hurting themselves, each other, and other people in the process.

I got side-tracked by the DE thoughts, but based on your ask I wanted to compare Damon’s unhealthy treatment of Elena’s reprimanding to his treatment of Bonnie’s when she calls him out on things. Namely, none of the same baggage is there when it’s Bonnie.

Bonnie’s respect (and eventually love?) was something that Damon worked for, not because he felt her opinion of him was a reflection of his worth, but because he respected (and eventually loved) her, end of. No symbols, no unhealthy self-worth entanglements. It’s based entirely on equality and respect, not insecurity. That’s why it’s inherently healthier, and that’s why she brings out the best in him without ever meaning to.

Now I know this isn’t what you were expecting when you sent the ask, anon, so I’m sorry, lol. And thank you for letting me ramble.